The Amazing hypocrisy of School Board Member Paula Wright

I am just going to cut right to it.

Mrs. Wright thought the superintendent should have had his pretend girlfriend Karen Chastain apply for the districts lawyer position. We should advertise for it, she said.

But at the same time she is okay with approving no bid, no compete contracts that benefit board members friends and family members.

Today she was outraged that she wasn’t invited to a meeting held by the governor but at the same time is okay with excluding the public from meeting the superintendent candidates.

Since I said I was just going to cut to it, those things make her a hypocrite.

Get with it Mrs. Wright, of course the lawyer should have applied and we should have advertised for the position but we should likewise advertise and take bids for academic services as well. Yes the governor should have invited you and the public but it’s wrong of you to exclude the public from meeting the superintendent candidates too. And until you get it, you are a hypocrite and hypocrites make terrible leaders.

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