Tell the school board not to give into the Mayor and City Council’s bullying

The school board is having a special meeting where the are going to discuss sharing the tax referendum with charters this Monday at 9.

I think the super and board with one exception have acted admirably through this debacle. That being said they have suffered withering attacks and may be considering giving into the city council’s outrageous demands that the tax referendum money be shared on a proportional basis with charters.  I think this would be a monumental mistake but some of them might be thinking this is the only way they might get anything.

I am going to write the board and urge them not to give into the city council’s bad behavior. I am going to write them and urge them to stick with their plan which I believe is already more than fair.

It is no coincidence that 29 out of the city’s 32 charter schools are leased and that’s because charters can use capital funds to pay their lease holders. More money to charters does not mean more funds for those schools but more money for their owners.

Couple this with the deep and pressing needs that the district has then it should be a no brainer not to give into the council’s demands, though I guess the council supporting the referendum should have been a no brainer too.

Here are the board and super’s emails, I urge you to urge them to continue to do the right thing and to let them know you stand with them in this fight.,,,,,,,

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