Teachers talk about discipline if Duval County Schools.

From various readers who are teachers.

The new code states
kiddos finally get after school detention for SEVEN TARDIES to the same
class…why bother? and the cycle restarts with each quarter…i did write 2
young ladies up for 7 T’s and the note said they were counseled because they
didn’t realize the importance of arriving on time…..

Why even bother? I
had an Admin compliment me once on never writing a referral. I told her that
only good teachers write referrals. The look on her face was priceless. But I’m
close to retirement and can say stuff like that.
wrote my first one last week. It was returned to me today with a note telling
me to call home.

If vitti stopped
this then why were we told the district said we were writing too many referrals
We are actually seeing referrals still not being handled. Our new dean more
friend than authority figure

I don’t generate
paper (referrals) unless I absolutely have to in order to protect my ass.
COMPLETELY gave up fighting the use of the word “nigga”. 

As long as they
keep the same Student Progressive Discipline Plan; as long as they require
teachers to do many discipline interventions; as long as they insist on
teachers using the ineffective CHAMPS; as long as they refuse to support
teachers and blame teachers for student misbehavior things will not improve.
Behavior would much improve if students were assessed “0s” for
unexcused absences including suspensions. Another novel idea….quit making
school miserable for students, teachers and principals with the high stakes
testing and all the test prep.

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