Teachers only want to teach safely, is that to much to ask? Some more unanswered questions

From a reader,


Here are some other questions we should ask ourselves:
*Will there be time to sanitize between classes? Whose responsibility will that be?

*What is reported and to whom when a teacher gets Covid?

*Will a teacher catching Covid be covered by workman’s compensation?

*Will students be allowed to meet in the same classroom that has a Covid event?

*What is the turnaround time before the room is allowed to be used again if the virus is present?

*Are there any penalties in place for students and teachers who refuse to wear masks all day?

*Will there be any extra pay for substitute teachers willing to take the risk to cover classes?

*Will cleaning supplies such as Clorox wipes, Lysol spray to kill Covid droplets, and hand sanitizer be provided for at least 180 students for 180 days?

*Where will teachers be when the students are at lunch? We are entitled to a duty-free lunch period, so what happens if the kids are not utilizing the cafeteria?

*Will teachers be responsible for distributing breakfast again along with lunch due to social distancing rules?

*Will teachers be required to provide tutoring in the brick and mortar setting too?

*What happens with classroom situations where there are no windows to the room, and doors must stay locked for safety reasons?

*Will social distancing be practiced at fire drills, or will we stop having them due to Covid?

*Will teachers be required to monitor the halls at high schools with 1,500 to 3,000+ students and the virus floating by?

*What happens if a teacher refuses to download an app on their phone?

*What happens if the teacher phone breaks and they can’t check in? Sh*t happens!

*Will parents be allowed in the schools without masks?

*Will there be exceptions to wearing masks for kids who parents that do not believe in them?

*Will teachers be required to use some form of Teams even if they are in a brick and mortar setting in case the schools are shut down again?

*Will the auditorium be used for mass gatherings such as programs where students can sing and dance?

*Will teachers be required to share medical information such as they are having allergy issues instead of Covid? Will they need a doctor’s note stating such?

*Are there any HIPPA violations to consider?

*Will parents be required to wear masks at parent/teacher conferences? Will teachers have a right to refuse a face-to-face meeting if the parent refuses to wear a mask?

*Will parents be required to submit and keep a working phone number for the school to reach them in the event of an emergency?

*What is the “hard” criteria for sending a child to a nurse if there is one available, or who will be responsible for sending a sick child home?

*Will the state be willing to shut down the schools if the flu numbers tick up along with Covid?

*How high will the Covid numbers have to be before anyone with a brain decides that it is not safe for everyone to return to school? What is the number?

*How many students and teachers have to die before the leaders of the nation get it that the virus is not going to go away?

*What is the plan for the second wave of Corona virus?

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