Teachers, looking for a second job? DCPS SB member Scott Shine has some suggestions

Just when you think there may be a sliver of hope for the guy, DCPS school board member  Scott Shine, he calls in to First Coast Connect and suggests teachers become auxiliary police officers.

I want to be fair to the guy, also I don’t want to be written up, and called a liar or worse so check it out, he calls in at about the nineteen minute point.


Like teachers, even those in rural counties don’t have enough on thier plates already.

Shine has come out against arming teachers but he seems to have added the caveat, except those that become auxiliary officers and its something that teachers should think about becoming.


Arming teachers, is a terrible idea.

Having teachers become auxiliary officers seems terrible as well.

Having teachers who are auxiliary officers carry guns ins schools is just as bad too.

Sadly the right seems to be bending over backwards to come up with solutions to gun violence except the most obvious one.

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  1. Send me to JSO and train me so that I can resign as a teacher and make some real money and get more respect! The people who want to arm teachers are fools, and it is another reason why people are leaving the profession in droves. The last time I checked, there are shortages of teachers across the nation, so everybody needs to get a clue! Stop finding that one more thing for us to do because teachers are fed up!

  2. Can somebody explain to me why Shine voted against this resolution? Is he just being a contrarian/imbecile or does he really believe the stuff that comes out of his mouth? He's against arming teachers but he doesn't want to put it on record in a vote. He has all the intestinal fortitude of a jellyfish. At least this self proclaimed firearms instructor remains in good standing with the NRA who are always looking to expand their market share.

    Scott Shine was the only board member to vote against the district’s resolution. He said that although he is against arming teachers or other school staff, the proposed law change would leave it up to school districts to decide.

    “I don’t want to take a position of saying no to what the legislature is doing when other districts want to do this,” Shine said, referring to Putnam County, which announced last week that certain district employees would be trained and armed with concealed weapons.

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