Teachers explain the damage that Vitti and Brennan committed

Vitti had to know Brennan was wrecking First Coast, the exodus of teachers is proof but instead of standing up for the districts teachers and replacing him, he said Brennan was one of the best. A couple of teachers explain how that was far from true.

I am one of the veteran teachers who, after 23 years at my beloved First Coast, left because I could no longer take it.

Many of my good friends left before or soon after me for similar reasons. The toll it took on me was so great, I retired much earlier than I had planned.

Your post validates what many of us went through. So unfair & completely unnecessary.

Tim Simmons, the new principal is a wonderful person. I loved working with him. I know he will be loved by students, parents & teachers. I only wish he had been chosen as principal when we lost Mr. Hall.


I personally feel after witnessing what has happened to so many friends who were teachers and staff at First Coast HS, there surely must be enough evidence for a class action law suit against the school board, Vitti, and Brennan. 

The fact that teachers left their chosen profession due to the onslaught of continued demeaning treatment and intimidation by Brennan on a daily basis is ludicrous to accept as normal attrition.

These teachers and staff suffered physically, mentally and professionally at his hands and Viti had full knowledge and allowed this to continue.

I say to all of the awesome, talented, intelligent teachers and staff – stand up and stand out!
Take this to the next level! Think of the complete cost you all have sustained in the wake of this horrible situation.

My prayers are sent out to all of you and my thanks to those wonderful teachers that were there for my children when they attended FCHS.

Finally I would like to point out that these teacchers went through a lot and they both finished their comments with nothing but hope for First Coast’s future. That’s spirit, spirit that Vitti allowed Brennan to chase away.

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