Teacher, discipline numbers often lie.

From a reader

If an employee acts poorly, you can simply fire that person. If a student acts badly, we have to write up all of the things we did and then perhaps maybe an AP or Dean will see the student. We were told at the start of the year that if a teacher wrote up a student and sent him/her out, the child would never be sent back to the same class on the same day. Yeah, 4 months later, and that has not been the case since the like 2nd week of school. 

And I feel for the newbie teachers. They have no recourse, and if I had not had the support of an awesome AP about 8 years ago, I would probably have quit. He came in, dealt with the students, and they hated having to go through the process of dealing with him because they knew he would hold them accountable. Those days are over. Now, the students run the school. Vitti has the AP’s and Deans so afraid for their jobs that they hesitate to receive referrals and make every teacher feel bad about writing students up. We had a new AP arrive recently, and there was a stack of old referrals waiting on a desk.

What kills me though is that the public hears Vitti and reads the numbers and thinks that numbers cannot lie. Well, the numbers do lie. I have never seen so many administrators scared of losing their jobs all to fulfill Vitti’s ego, which relies on the perception of a “safe” environment where all students learn completely by computer through programs like “Write to Learn” and “Achieve3000.” Why even bother having teachers or admins in schools? Just stick these wonderful kids in classes of 100 in a building filled with computers. I think if he could, he would.

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