Teach for America’s Fluff piece

from Scathing Purple Musings

by Bob Sykes

The report came under fire last week when several School Board members criticized it for not being objective.

The report found that Teach for America teacher’s students made more gains than other Title I teachers with similar experience levels.

School Board Chairman W.C. Gentry voiced his support of Teach for America but called the report a “fluff piece.”

“Although the report isn’t the most rigorous, we’re encouraged to see positive findings,” said Danielle Montoya, a spokeswoman for Teach for America, in an email. “We’re committed to seeing rigorous research done on our corps members and welcome further research.”

District officials said the school system would conduct its own report on the effectiveness of Teacher For America in Duval County. The School Board voted last week to give the organization a one year extension.

The report was developed by the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership. The Center has not responded to requests for comment.

There are about 110 Teacher for America teachers in the district and the district pays about $1,500 per teacher.

Gentry’s obviously familiar with corporate reform’s habit of generating reports which favor its agenda. Does this mean that the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership is engaging in the same?


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  1. I have to tell you…I am at an Intervening School. We had 4 TFA teachers this past school year and they were well prepared, professional, and overall, amazing. TFA does an exceptional job of preparing and training the new generation of teachers. I'm not surprised at all by this "fluff."

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