Teach for America shows up in force at the school board meeting, Their tone deafness was on display.

 It was like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Oy vey, I can’t make this up.

While Tallahassee is about to launch a nuclear bomb at Florida’s public schools several tone deaf Teach for America members showed up to shill for this very expensive program.

In case you didn’t know, the district after salaries benefits and training has given TFA 5 million extra dollars over the last 8 years. Then inexplicably rather than investing in our schools like it said it was going to the QEA initiative has given them an additional 6.25 million over the last three years.

Monique talked about synergy, and said if there is no money there is no money but…

Asante said it doesn’t matter what is happening in Tallahassee, that is beyond our control but keeping TFA isn’t.

Lauren said if there is no TFA many of the TFA teachers won’t teach. Um?

Britney, said she was a teacher before she joined TFA, um, what? It wasn’t until she was in her third year when she joined TFA that she got it. Spoiler alert Britney it’s about teachers third year when they start to get it, and since most of TFA leave after two, that is one of the biggest problems with TFA.

Katelyn said kids deserve teachers who aren’t going to quit on them. yes they do Katelyn, yes they do.

Kristen, even though she is a teacher took last Thursday off to attend a school board meeting and she wonders why she had never meant them before.

Allie talked about how her assistant principal is a TFA alumni, oy vey, 27 year old vice principals is another scourge that TFA brings with it.

Heather mentioned that at First Coast there are 14 TFA teachers, um friends if you have a kid that goes to TFA, please make sure they are qualified. Apparently one of them is the theater teacher. Two things FC is not a title one school, why does it have any TFA members and THEATER, oh hell no.

Marquise a philosophy major, that’s it, I can’t write about him anymore.

Abraham, is a senior math teacher, no wait, he teaches seniors, doesn’t want his students disenfranchised though he doesn’t care about the ever revolving door that TFA creates.

Kelsey from South Dakota left after two years but came back, and where she’s not a teacher now she feels she can coach teachers. Get the $%#@ out of here.

Lindsey’s students thanked them for allowing them to be them and helping them do their work.

Allie was a member of City Year, a great program we should expand. I wonder if Allie knows how much extra money being a TFA member drains from our schools.

Eric, replaced a TFA teacher and apparently doesn’t see the irony of it. He wants to be on the school board by the way.

With 33 cards to go, I guess every TFA member out there came, I couldn’t take any more.

The hubris that comes from the lips of the corp members is nearly overwhelming as they talk about the mentoring they do, the clubs they run, the programs they facilitate, how they care about kids, or you know just like every other teacher does. Teachers who have chosen education as their profession and who aren’t killing time as they wait for grad school.

How do teachers not part of TFA soldier on?

Finally several students spoke up for Teach for America too and I just have to say I find it reprehensible that TFA roped them in. I doubt they know the ends and out of the program. Shame on you TFA for manipulating the students you say you are trying to help. Shame on you.

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  1. Sadly TFA aren't the only ones who use our students as props. They're just the most blatant about it.

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