Teach for America hurts local economies too!

In 2008, 51 Teach for America
teachers came to Duval County; two years past their two-year commitment only
four remained. Then in 2009, 41 Teach for America teachers came to the county,
one-year past their commitment only ten remain.

Think about this as an economic issue, first the district pays a 2,400 hundred
dollar finder’s fee for each TFA recruit, which means they are investing more
in them than they do in an 8th year teacher and then schools
routinely spend thousands training novice teachers and the vast amount of this
money is wasted on TFA teachers because so few stay around.

Furthermore we have local teachers and college of ed grads looking for
positions and they can’t find jobs. Many will have to take lower paying jobs and
or rely on government services; this puts less money into local economies and unnecessarily
takes money out of them. Exacerbated by the fact many Teach for America
recruits head back to their hometowns once their commitment ends, well about a
sixth do before their commitment ends and that if they work at a charter
school, also bad for local economies then they are paid less than their public
school peers..

Finally if we were to higher locals as
teachers they would most likely last significantly longer than two years. Which
means they will also make more money the longer they teach, money they will put
back into the community. 

3 Replies to “Teach for America hurts local economies too!”

  1. They get an Americorps stipend (a little less than $5k/year)for each year of service that can be used to pay towards past student loans or future educational endeavors…but it does not pay off their student loans.

  2. This is not entirely true. I do know that they get money that can be used for higher education. I know I paid every cent for my M.A. as I was not TFA. Plus, I did not take someone else's job, stay for 2 years, and eventually leave with little to no experience and little to no lasting impact. Anyone who believes that after 2 years, one is competent at teaching, is delusional. My effectiveness came around year 4-5. It takes that long to become the artist that is a true teacher.

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