Teach for America hits a new low

National Council for Teacher Quality recently came out with a paper highly
critical of teacher colleges. It doesn’t matter that it has been thoroughly
debunked and discredited. It did its damage by simply making the news. What
many of us however didn’t know at the time was the NCQT is advised by Wendy
Kopp the founder of Teach for America.
GoPublicSchools.com: The acceptance of TFA as an alternate teacher
certification option in Idaho comes on the heels of a study released June 18 by
the National Council on Teacher Quality that made national news. TFA founder
Wendy Kopp serves on the NCTQ Advisory Board. Regrettably, the study–called The
Teacher Prep Review–seems to have been assembled with outcomes already firmly in
How can Wendy Kopp and the NCQT criticize teacher colleges
when their model consists of taking non-education majors and putting them
through a five-week access course before putting them in our neediest
classrooms? This is just another example of their hypocrisy and disingenuous.
If you are a parent ask yourself this question. Do you want
a professional teaching your child or a hobbyist with practically zero training?

To read more click the link:  http://www.gopublicschool.com/is-teach-for-america-is-a-step-toward-privatizing-public-schools/

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