Tallahassee sets schools up to fail and then complains and threatens when they do

The other day Ed. Commissioner Richard Corcoran went after Duval county superintendent Diana Greene and asked her if she was afraid of competition shortly after he said Duval needed more charter schools. Well friends that’s a special kind of hypocrisy and chutzpah as he knows Florida has rigged the game against public schools and partly because he helped rig it.

Corcoran championed the schools of hope(lessness) charter school bill which gave certain charters financial inducements to move into neighborhoods that had low performing schools, re; didn’t do well on standardized tests. It was so successful that no charters took him up on it.  You see charters know what Corcoran wants people to ignore and that is it takes a lot to overcome the debilitating effects of poverty, they know this because charter after charter that went into those neighborhoods failed.

So what does the state do? Well not address poverty that is for sure. Instead they doubled down on tax credits and grants to get charters in the neighborhoods.


Time will tell if more give it a try.

You know what Corcoran and his ilk in Tallahassee didn’t do? They didn’t lighten up on our public schools that’s for sure. Instead they changed the requirements of what can be considered persistently under performing putting even more schools in jeopardy.

They also continued to grossly under fund public ed doing more of a shell game than ever with funding, ultimately giving them 75 dollars more per student or you know about 1000 less than they gave in 2005 all while pumping more money into charters. 600ish get to split 190 million in maintenance costs while 3000ish public schools get to split zero, and forcing districts to share future special referendums or millage increases.

Charter schools, I want to remind you often pick who they take and keep, don’t have have the same building codes and don’t even  have to provide many of the services including basics like lunch and transportation that public schools do and Corcoran has the nerve to ask if public schools are afraid of competition?!? %$#& him!

The thing is public schools would love to compete with charters, in Florida however it is to much to ask that it be fair.

The game is rigged in Florida and Corcoran knows it because he helped to rig it.

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