Systemic problems in Duval County Public Schools

From a reader:

Unfortunately this (the problems with the roll out of Edgenuity) is symptomatic of a much deeper problem, which is the
managerial style of the Chief of Academic Services.

He has insisted
that academic directors route all communication with principals through
him. That means directors send him essential information schools need to
know, but since that is too much for one person, communications from
directors to principals sit for weeks on his desk waiting for his

Decisions are held up until the last minute, which leaves
schools scrambling to comply. People are left out of the loop so they
cannot perform their functions of improving what happens at the school.
One wonders if the problems at the top are merely growing pains or
simply the manifestation of the good ol’ boy/girl network that has
plagued this district for decades.

As the big cheeses try to out
maneuver each other, squeeze out lower levels for their own people, the
schools and the students suffer.

One wonders if Dr. Vitti is in charge
anymore or whether a palace coup has taken place. NV is himself known
for sudden, unanticipated decisions that roil communities and their
schools. Remember open enrollment? The conceit is that they can turn
the organization on a dime. The problem is DCPS is huge. The captain of
the Exxon Valdez thought the same, but when they woke him up 20 minutes
before his oil tanker hit the reef, it was already too late. The ship’s
momentum carried it into the worst environmental disaster of our

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