Superintendent Vitti’s inexplicable love for Teach for America

The super has said that Teach for America teachers are the
same as every other teacher. He also said placing them at John E. Ford, a
Montessori school may have been a mistake and he did so at a community meeting
last Thursday where parents and teachers alike both complained about high staff
turn over. My question is if they are the same as everybody else why would it
be okay to place them at another school but not there?
Paula Wright SB, district 4 said at the same meeting, that’s
a common complaint, high staff turnover, that many schools have. Well if that is
the case too, then why s the district investing in teachers they know will
leave after two just two years.

I believe TFA has a role to play as a supplement to
our teachers, not as a replacement for them. The district should strive to put
life long educators in our classrooms not hobbyists on a walk-about. And if the
Super is being honest with himself and us then it seems like he feels the same
way too.  

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  1. It's the Bottom Line: teachers who just stay a year or two cost less than professionals with a long-term commitment, so it's expedient to say they're "the same".
    Let's hope the Superintendent stands by his word about not having the TFAs at John E. Ford!

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