Superintendent Vitti’s cycle of dysfunction

Superintendent Vitti
has created a cycle of dysfunction here in the city. Since he has been here he
has recommended for approval 30 charter schools and where some are doing well
and compliment the school system, most are either underperforming, set up in neighborhoods
that don’t need them or blatant cash grabs by for profit companies.
He laments about the
loss resources to these charter schools, which as a group underperform when
compared to Jacksonville’s public schools yet he still recommends them for
approval time and time again. At the last school board meeting Vitti recommended
one that he said he had “serious reservations” about and another that he said
he wouldn’t have approved if they had wanted to set up on the West and North
sides of town because he didn’t think they would be successful working with
economical disadvantaged kids. The grades of the six closest public schools to
the new proposed school are 4As, 1B and 1 C and three are underutilized.
Now the Times Union is
reporting that he is recommending the district spend up to nine million dollars
to make boundary and program changes to lure kids back who would have never
left in the first place had he been looking out for the districts best
interests which I thought was his job.
Where is this cycle
going to end? If superintendent Vitti isn’t going to look out for the best
interests of the city and approving unnecessary and low performing charter
schools isn’t, then it is time we found a superintendent who will.

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