Superintendent Vitti’s close relationship with Gary Chartrand

You are going to have to follow me for a second.  Mr. Chartrand had just finished ignoring
hundreds of public comments and thousands of written comments, the overwhelming
majority of which were against common core. He even ignored the head of the
state PTA and she represents 300,000 thousand parents, guardians and teachers.
Then after listening to Commissioner Stewarts proposed
changes to the accountability system, he implored her to listen to what others
had said.
So what was different? The superintendents association, the
parent teacher association and the teacher unions had also all come out for a moratorium
against the accountability system, in fact everybody had, well except Superintendent
Vitti who was so outraged he penned a letter (or so I am told as neither the
Tampa Times nor the Times Union published it, sheesh people) panning the
proposed changes, that is.
So did Chartrand who went to a conference to attract charter
schools to town with Vitti , who attended a policy conference at Jacksonville
University with Vitti where he praised the accountability system, who knows Vitti from their days at the state and who was
basically his handpicked Duval County superintendent, just blow off the rest of
the state and back up his boy?
Yes he did.
Some of you might think a cozy relationship with the chair
of the state board of education is a good thing and if we had a competent chair
I would probably agree with you even if I didn’t believe in everything they did. People
are going to have legitimate disagreements. The things is we don’t have a competent
person running the board, heck we don’t have a competent board at all and I
have to say the commissioner seems less and less competent all the time too,
but that’s another post.
Since Vitti has gotten here the 64 thousand dollar question is who is in his ear, whose counsel does he seek,  well it is pretty obvious now.

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