Superintendent Vitti was deceptive on the radio today.

I will just let his own words do the talking for him. Listen until the 3:25 mark.

Notice how he never mentions once how the district changed a certification rule that saved sixty jobs?

I don’t want to sound like a math major but isn’t sixty plus sixty 120? Why didn’t the super just say, we had this terrible rule which unnecessarily cost people their jobs and we got rid of it.

Instead he talked about aggressive recruiting measures that all said and done took us right to where  we were last year, you know when we had the bad rule and didn’t do any aggressive recruiting.

I would like to know why didn’t he just say, Melissa we had this dumb and unfortunate rule that we got rid of and the district is better off for it.

It’s sad but i can’t listen to this man and go, oh okay that’s great, but instead I have to be concerned about how he is trying to spin me.

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