Superintendent Vitti uses district money to go to conference that promotes charter schools

The goal of the conference was how do we attract more
charter schools to Florida. After you are done throwing up in your mouth a
little read that again.
Charter schools in Florida are defacto private schools whose
main goal is to make a buck for their hedge fund managers than educate our
children and our superintendent was part of a panel who wants to invite more to
Florida. He wasn’t there with teachers or parents he was there with privateers.
Friends over 200 have failed over the last decade and of
those that survived a third have had financial irregularities because until
this past legislative session after the owner of a failed charter school took
home 800 thousand dollars the state refused to put stipulations on them.

Shouldn’t our super be coming up with ideas to make
our public schools better instead of joining a consortium whose goal is to
replace our public schools or at the very least shouldn’t he attend said conference
on his own dime? 

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