Superintendent Vitti says letting children be children is a hardship

As you may know there has been a debate about recess. the superintendent says teachers can take their kids out whenever they feel like they need it while teachers on the other hand report that those times because they are afraid of following behind on the learning schedule and the repercussions that brings, are close to never. Some parents at schools that don’t do well on subsidized tests report they can count the number of time their children have gone out for recess on their fingers,

Well yesterday the superintendent once again let his feelings be known on kids being kids.

Via Facebook: from Elizabeth Ross who has been spearheading the effort to get children consistent recess.

I was at the Duval County School Board meeting tonight. During the Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Vitti talked about some of the education issues before the Florida legislature this year. He mentioned the Recess Bill, and said it would be a hardship for the district if it had to provide daily recess to elementary students.

A hardship. What about the kids who have to sit all day long without a break? Who don’t get to play and do developmentally appropriate things in school?
Attitudes like that are EXACTLY why a state mandate is needed.

The superintendent who spent barely a cup of coffee as a teacher doesn’t understand that if we make school pure drudgery for kids they won’t do well.

Come on superintendent let them play.

If you are interested in supporting the recess movement, click the link:

Some good news about recess,

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  1. I remember having morning and afternoon recess when I was a child. Make the school day longer if you have to. It's important.

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