Superintendent Vitti says Duval’s Teachers Union is the most accommodating in the country.

At yesterday’s One on One community activist conference Superintendent Vitti gushed about Duval teachers United, he said they were the most accommodating union in the nation. He then implied that unions may be problems elsewhere but not here siting that since he has arrived there have been 36 or 37 memorandum’s of understanding, that is alterations to the contract. What we got for those alterations is unclear to me. Teacher morale is worse than ever, communication with the district is abysmal, discipline remains a huge problem and most teachers I know feel overwhelmed.

He also said people will be very surprised and happy when DTU and the district finally came to a contract agreement which he predicted would be soon, though the only detail he gave was there would be a substantial raise for first year teachers. I have o tell you if first year teachers go from 37,300 to 40 thousand but fourteenth year teachers go from 41 to 41,750 I am not going to be happy.

You can look at this two ways, our union works hand and hand with the district for there and the district’s mutual benefit or are union is made up of a bunch of suckers. I guess time will tell.   

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  1. "Most accommodating" should be viewed as an insult. It means that DTU is not doing its job, which is to represent the teachers, not Vitti and the admin. This confirms what most of us already know. DTU is not our friend. I am so glad that I stopped paying dues this year. Your voice and others on here do more than DTU. It is a travesty that this entity isn't doing its job.

  2. (1) Sooner or later everyone will have to convert to the new salary schedule or retire. The legislature designed the law that way. (2) Now we know where the salary supplement went. (3) I read the article in the T-U ( and wish I had been there to give the minority report–my morale is NOT up, nor any other person I know who works for DCPS.

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