Superintendent Vitti plays a dangerous game, lulls the city into a false sense of security.

Former Superintendent Ed Pratt Dannals at every community
meeting would read off a litany of impressive accomplishments then at the end
would say and “we are a B district”. After Superintendent Vitti, at this weekend’s
one on one conference for community activists, finished reading his long list
of accomplishments, he couldn’t do the same because the state currently has the
districts grade at C.
I thought the former super was doing the city a disservice with
his “all is well” message because we all knew it wasn’t and this is a trap the
current super is falling into. Teacher morale is rock bottom, communication between
the district and teachers is abysmal, we have massive teacher turnover and
ignoring discipline, so there are less referrals and suspensions is not
improving discipline. I could go on and on too.
Yes there have been improvements and accomplishments here and
there which we should acknowledge and even celebrate but superintendent Vitti’s
all is well message like his predecessors did is doing the city a disservice. It
lulls people into a false sense of security. 
The super shouldn’t run from our problems, he should instead embrace them
and then tell the city it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and help him fix them because that is the only way it is going to happen.

The superintendent had a real opportunity but on the day
before the Super Bowl, he fumbled the ball.

9 Replies to “Superintendent Vitti plays a dangerous game, lulls the city into a false sense of security.”

  1. Chris, you are a snake. As a teacher I attended the convention and to think you attended only to spy and write negative blogs speaks to your lack of professionalism. You are a lazy, rundown, miserable, negative alcoholic who represents great teachers poorly. You are the classic bad teacher that sits in the faculty lounge and blames children for everything. You are the bad teacher that forces our politicians to create punitive laws hurting our profession to address your incompetency. Please stop claiming that you represent teachers. Stop… you represent yourself. A wannabe journalist that does not shower, shave, and rides a bike to school Grow Up!!!

  2. I usually don't publish above attack pieces from anonymous, I find them cowardly and ignorant but I published above to show the vitriol that I sometime have to face. Notice they don't disagree with anything I said, they just attack me and they obviously do so while knowing very little about me. Let me suggest to the writer they get over themselves and join me and all the other teachers fighting for better conditions for our teachers and children.

  3. Chris, good point! Anonymous attacked you personally, but has nothing to say professionally. Did you notice that DCPS stacked with positive reviews? The above POS probably wrote one.

  4. I don't understand how holding a superintendent accountable through criticism is a bad thing. I have a hard time believing the person above is a teacher. Almost every teacher who has been here for the last 2 regimes knows the good, the bad, and the ugly about Duval. You just keep writing, Chris. Maybe one day I will feel comfortable using my name in posts, but please know that a high school teacher supports what you are trying to do.

  5. I've worked in this county for 31 years and don't know a teacher who does not echo your concerns and ironically it was an assistant principal who turned me onto your blog

  6. No, thank you chris. You probably know where the bodies are because you're exposing DCPS (which includes dtdonothing) and still gainfully employed.

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