Superintendent Vitti gets mad props! He draws the ire of Jeb Bush’s blog.

Superintendent Vitti was the subject of a hit piece
from the ultra conservative Redefined Education blog earlier today. Funny I
thought only I wrote those.  If you didn’t
know it redefined Ed is Jeb Bush’s blog (though he never contributes) that he
uses to spread his public school privatization agenda.
The author of today’s piece Doug Tuthill complained about
a perceived adversarial relationship that Vitti is cultivating between public
schools and charter schools, and no, despite what Bush and Tuthill would have
you believe charter schools are not public schools. I guess Mr. Tuthill didn’t
see the super at the recruit charter school conference and is unaware of the
former charter school lobbyist that the district just hired.
From the article: That Duval parents are choosing non-district schools in
increasing numbers suggest these schools are adding value to the community’s
K-12 education system. Ideally, we’d expect the community’s top public educator
to celebrate this success, but Vitti, like most district superintendents, sees
these schools as competitors to be defeated and not assets to be nurtured. –
kids came back this year and as Vitti works out the kinks more will continue to
return and  perhaps Vitti sees them as something
that need to be defeated because he knows that private schools that receive vouchers
as a group don’t do any better than public schools and he knows that charter
schools as a group do worse. These despite the fact charter schools and voucher
schools have tremendous advantages, including picking who they take and keep,
over public schools. Maybe the super just wants substandard options to go away,
something we should all want.
I want to
see Mr.Tuthill’s piece about how charter schools often ignore districts
strategic plans and open up anywhere and often go above districts to the state
board who rubber stamps applications, to get their approval. I also want to see
him acknowledge that as they are done in Florida (and in many other parts of
the nation) they have degenerated into profit centers first and places where children
get educated second. I am not a fan of charter schools but even charter school fans
should be alarmed about what they have become.  
I have
been a critic of Vitti’s close ties to charter schools because I want a super
who is pro public education no matter what and is against the privatization wave
that is passing through Florida but if he has drawn the ire of Jeb Bush’s blog,
I say bravo sir and keep up the good work.

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  1. Don't believe for a moment that Vitti is not tied to the hip of Gary Chartrand and Jeb Bush – I have little respect or trust for Vitti – he has no person al integrity and does the bidding of his patrons- jtaverna

    1. I agree 100% with your assessment of VITTI. Incidentally, a lot of the populace is not as intelligent to SPOT his various posturings. Lets get real, the guy is a BASE INDIVIDUAL, so how could he, suddenly, miraculously, change to a LEADER WITH INTEGRITY. What, was he recently initiated into spirituality? I don't think so. Chris, you too appear too fickle-minded. I think you need to start reading some scripture to understand how mind (the child of maya, or illusion) works. Do not be gullible. There is a scripture called the Upanishad whose verses are the most enlightening. Just google and start to enlighten yourself.

    1. Yes Chris, that is what base individuals do, and notice that is the kind of leaders we have all over governments throughout the land. We need a deliverer!

    2. The 2-party structure in this country has the American People in a state of confusion. The politicians (so-called leaders) constructed 2 camps in accordance with KARL MARX's "Unity and Struggles of Opposites", so that Americans on both sides could bash each other, falsely. I am referring to Conservatives and Liberals. If Americans view their leaders,instead, from the perspectives of morality and integrity our education ideals would change for the better and, consequently, produce LESS BASE INDIVIDUALS than Vitti, Chartrand, Bush, and Tuthill.

      Teachers, Keep the Faith, "We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair. (2 Corinthians 4:8).

      "I protest, brothers, by my pride in you, which I have in Christ our Lord, I die daily! (1 Corinthians 15:31).

  2. So for the governor's race in November who is vying for the votes of Florida's Demonized and Demoralized 172, 000 Teachers? These are people with Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates and Specialists Degrees – 172, 000 Solid Professionals. I was one – and a Florida Board Certified Engineer Intern. What did charlie christ do to/or for them when he was governor? What has rick scott done to/or for them during his current term as governor. You could Judge the Quality of a Nation by the way its politicians and citizens treats its teachers. In Duval County we are treated like GRIME & SLIME, and if you doubt me ask any Duval County Public School Teacher.

  3. So redefined Ed is Jeb Bush's Blog? – Hilarious!
    And, he uses that to spread his public schools privatization propaganda?-Hilarious!
    Its a pitiable that people believe Charter Schools are Public schools. In fact, Charter Schools are Hijacked Public Schools. I just think Vitti is still a Charter School Lobbyist playing Devil's Advocate. If the Charters win out he stands to gain much, much more financially – in the millions of dollars. If the Public Schools withstand this heinous assault he continues to be the TOP DOG in DCPS.

    Private schools that receive vouchers as a group don’t do any better than public schools, and charter schools as a group do worse because they don't have the most important resources – well qualified teachers. Many private schools have teachers without even a 4-year degree. Some inflate the qualifications and experience of their Directors, on their website, by more than double in some cases. In some cases the website advertises a Masters' degree when in fact the Director has a Bachelors degree, and more than 30 years experience for 15 years experience.

    Charter schools are private schools whose sole purpose is to 'Mint' money. Many of their teachers would not have lasted more than 1 year in public schools because they would not be able to complete their certification requirements in the allotted time frames. Even though they are paid with public funds they face no accountability to the public which clearly should be considered a violation of the Constitution.

    One big problem with mortals, including teachers and including Chris Guerrieri, is they tend to place trust too quickly and too easily in those at the higher echelons of society. I don;t. Beside the fact I trust Christ's Exhortations wholeheartedly, I have been around for quite a while and am weary of promises made by man. Believe when you see it done, not before.

    Promises elect presidents and governors, but promises invariably materialize. The reason is 'promise' means that something will definitely happen, but for something to definitely happen it has to be willed by God, and man's will is never synchronous with God's will. So, if someone makes a promise he is a liar. Likewise, if someone swears he commits to a promise and is, therefore, also a liar for he has nothing to swear by. Forgive me, though, because I very naive; a piece of Diamond is just a stone.

    One of my teacher colleagues and I had an argument about whether we could trust Vitti on the promises he made to teachers; my colleague became an instant Vitti Disciple. He later came to me and smilingly said; " Dave you were right". "Right about what", I asked. And he said; "about not trusting Vitti".

    But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man. (John 2: 24-25).
    Trust only in the Master, not man. Man is made of mind and mind's limit extends through only 3 mansions. Beyond the third mansion mind disappears and, therefore, it is only an illusion. Mind is the Child of the Cosmic Magician – Lucifer. He is the one that makes the promises and swears; man is just his fool.

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