Superintendent Vitti *&%# down the districts leg and tells us it’s raining.

I have no idea why the superintendent saw fit to promote Iranetta Wright and I have looked at her data from at least her time at Jackson too. Maybe he is pulling a Macintosh or maybe he sees something in her that quite frankly a lot of other people don’t see. Here is the thing; he shouldn’t rub the districts nose in it.

In the Times Union, Vitti said, Wright displays boldness and courage and she will make difficult decisions. “She’s moved the needle in each of the schools she’s been at. She represents the type of leader I’m looking for.”

I can’t speak for her time at lakeshore but at Jackson it took nearly half the student body leaving and a superhuman effort by the district to move the needle. And if he is looking for a bully that grooms sycophants then he got the type of leader he is looking for which is unfortunate. Vitti says boldness and courage where other people say egomaniacal and spiteful.

Some might say let Vitti succeed or fail with her but the thing is how many good men and women, teachers, principals and support staff, is she going to browbeat, cajole and demoralize on their way down?

The thing is even if you love her, you have to acknowledge this decision was not data driven or at least not by any data I have seen. Furthermore there had to be other candidates that have moved the needle, displayed boldness and courage and made the difficult decisions that haven’t made their staffs and many parents despise them along the way. Well I would hope so anyway and that’s really all we can do now, hope.


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