Superintendent interviews, Sitto Narcisse

In the group I was watching, there were 9 women and 2 men, 3 people of color and the civic council was well represented, with a straight up representative and Nina Water and Cindy Edelman, furthermore parents and teachers even though Terrie Brady is in this group are seriously underrepresented. A serious WTF, the other group better have a different make up.

These are my random thoughts on his interview.

The first candidate was Sitto Narcisse, chief of schools Nashville:
Nina Waters asked about choice, he replied choice is a good thing, and he cares that Duval is the choice.

Arts have not always been a strategic choice for districts. Committed to discussing with communities their importance.

When discussing turnaround schools he told a joke which fell flat and then told the audience it was a joke. On one hand I appreciate the attempt but on the other. Talked bout the need for community partnerships to supplement programs.

The QEA was brought up and has anybody noticed it went from 50 million in donations to 37 million? And at least 5 million of that went to TFA Jacksonville.

Philanthropies and community partnerships brought up over and over and no wonder seeing how the group was skewed that way. Subject not mentioned once, ESE, teacher moral, and the huge hole in the budget that is going to cost staff their job.

Another question about involving the business community.

He said he may be to risky but needs to engage and bring people along. It reminded me of Vitti who would meet with people, he just wouldn’t listen to people. I am not saying that is how he would be but just we have heard that before.

Terrie Brady asked about teacher moral, Narcisse talked about how professional development and planning time is important and how teachers need mentors and how teaching is a hard job. He really flailed on this answer and it seemed like halfway through he forgot what the question was but in his word salad he did say communities would have a role in picking their new schools principals which is a good idea.

At points I felt he was being sincere and at other points I thought he was playing to his limited crowd and it was hard for me to tell. Though to be honest I wasn’t so much disappointed in him as I was the questions that came from the panel.

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  1. The questions were predetermined by the search firm and no deviations are allowed. If the people present are not holding to that, good for them.

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