Superintendent interviews, Diana Green

Trey Csar from the Jacksonville Public Education fund has been here all day too but he spent it on the business leaders side, read into that what you will.

I believe Dr. Greene was the front runner for the position and if she wasn’t she should be. She is a superintendent in Florida and her learning curve would undoubtedly be the briefest too, also when I met her she a heck of a handshake.

It is about empowerment not about delegation.

She was able to get a half cent sales tax for her district, something I have been calling for, for over a decade. If she could do that here then it would be a huge benefit.

Pushed her board to hire a lobbyist.

Had to revamp health insurance costs in her county. Cut spousal coverage from 80 percent to 40 percent.

All schools should have a standard of care assessment to do with security.

Teachers have the autonomy to teach lessons however they see fit. Not interested that everyone is on the same page on the same day, interested in teachers receiving a high quality education based on the standards, but will do quarterly benchmark tests.

Says will regularly meet one on one with board members, and will be painfully honest with them.

Superintendents can’t be the leader of every project. They must take responsibility when things aren’t but share credit when they do.

To level the playing field some schools need extra resources. Equal access to opportunity.

Gave teachers forced to move the first opportunity to pick where they wanted to go.

I felt like Diana Greene was the favorite going in but as they day closed Harrison Peters had closed the gap with Sito Narcisse being in the running as well and what’s the difference between them all, personality. Peters was dynamic, Narcisse a little less so while Greene was stoic and all her anwers ran long and in a competition where people gave shades of the same answer, they all believe in teacher autonomy and they all say they will listen, that may be her downfall.

I have heard nothing but good things about Dr. Greene and her producing a half cents sales tax for her district is as close to a necessity here as you can get, but at least here in these meetings she didn’t do anything to distinguish her self.   

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