Superintendent Greene’s announcement about graduation is both nice and wrong.

Shortly after St. Johns county announced they were canceling graduations, Superintendent Greene announced Duval’s were still on for now. That is both nice and wrong.

Oh Florida, what are we going to do with you. This incremental reaction to Covid 19 is going to cost people their lives. Everyone paying attention should know by now that we aren’t going to return to school this academic year and Superintendent Greene should know that graduations aren’t going to happen as scheduled either.

Say all the experts are wrong and by May it has started to recede, is having three, four thousand people get together in the arena a good plan? Absolutely not. It is a reckless plan, a dangerous plan.

Look friends I don’t think this decision by Greene is made by maliciousness or incompetence it is made with hope but hope is the destroyer of certainty and that’s what people need. They need to be certain or as certain as possible about what is going to happen.

Parents, your kids are not returning this year.

Graduates, it breaks my heart but your ceremony will not happen on time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Instead of announcing ceremonies are still on for now, Greene should have announced the district will do its best to make sure they happen whether that is in July, August or even the fall, you know when things are safe, or at least safer.

This sucks, I get it, but it’s reckless to give people false hope that this may blow over in a couple weeks. People need the certainty about whats going to happen and what they should do and that’s to stay at home and to stay safe for as long as needed.

Here is the note she sent to district staff about graduation.

Dear Team Duval,
Today, our neighbor school district in St. Johns County announced they are canceling high school commencement ceremonies. Since their announcement, I have received numerous emails and messages from parents of students in our senior class regarding the plans for Duval.  I want you to know I haven’t given up hope.
As of today, it is still our intention to hold graduation as it normally occurs.  However, we all know the coronavirus situation is unpredictable. If we have to make the very difficult decision to cancel traditional graduation ceremonies, we are looking into various creative ways to honor our graduating seniors. 
Rest assured that no matter what happens with COVID-19, we are going to find some way to celebrate the Class of 2020. 
Kind regards,

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  1. What venue is willing to host this liability nightmare? UNF or the Coliseum?? I don't think so. Better find a field in Macclenny where everybody can stand 10 feet apart or a drive thru movie theatre where people can honk for their graduates.

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