Suddenly Lenny Curry cares about people of color? (draft)

You ever hear somebody talk and you nod and force a smile, when what you really want to do is scream something along the lines, stop your #$&%ing lying you hypocrite!!!!  Does that ever happen to you? Well it happens to me ever time mayor Curry tweets about us coming together.


Last summer mayor Curry has a great chance to show our long neglected communities of color he cared and wanted them to improve but instead he fought against the school tax referendum that would have generated money to fix the schools in those neighborhoods which would have had the additional benefits of creating jobs and revitalizing neighborhoods. You know, things that mayors generally support

He didn’t do that. Instead he fought against so his donors could get paid.

Now the referendum is finally on, but hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars will be diverted from our schools and neighborhoods and into the pockets of charter school operators. Heck much of this money will even be completely diverted out of Jacksonville.

This is what Curry wanted. He wasn’t interested in helping people then, coming together then.

So when today he uses flowery language nobody should believe him for a second because when he had the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives he passed. He said nope. All Curry is doing is paying lip service to the protesters so he can get them off the streets. Can’t have protesters in the street if you want the GOP convention to come here

We deserve better, and our communities of color deserve much better and sadly they have for a long, long time.

I wrote this last year, and sadly the mayor has done nothing to prove me wrong.

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