Steve Wise will you please retire before you do further harm to education

Steve, if we come from apes, why are their still apes, Wise announced his fix for education. Was it to close the reported 1.2 billion dollar gap that is coming or refund the three billion that was slashed last year? Was it to reform the FCAT to make it more realistic or manageable? Was it to repeal or at least fund the terrible merit pay bill? Was it a reversal of the charter school legislation, which treats them like the bells of the ball that public schools aren’t invited to? Was it to give teachers back the three percent of their salaries that was stolen from them? No, no, no, no and no.

His latest legislation commands school districts to change winter break to Christmas break. I celebrate Christmas but to legislate it makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Muslims, Jews and others be damned right Represenative Wise?

This man is a pox on education and an affront to decency. Please Mr. Wise retire before you do any more damage to education and look any more foolish while doing so.

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  1. Nobody can definitively claim Jesus's birthdate.Beyond that,why does "Wise" think he speaks for Jesus?I think,if Jesus was here today he would suggest Wise "chill out".Jesus doesn't need a cheerleader.In fact,he would be opposed to most advertisements.Wise's bill seems derisive,and a true Christian should never force policy.

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