Steve Wise, deflect, defund, destroy public education

From Citizenmama

Senator Steve Wise froze salaries a couple of years ago and let that law sunset this year. He could have worked to extend it, but instead he figured it would make a nice controversy on the eve of the 2012 legislative session, which will begin in January this year. Please note that the aggregate amount “saved” by turning away seven salary increases wouldn’t hire a single teacher.

Wise has deflected attention from continued state de-funding and pro-privatization efforts before. He enjoys bringing up the old specter of an all volunteer school board, which dovetails with the Jax biz establishment’s efforts towards changing the city charter to have an appointed, instead of elected, school board.

The issue here is whether we believe we should have a representative school board or not–both in terms of being elected by, as well as reflective of, the community at large. The alternative is to have the mayor appoint only people who can afford to serve for free–cronyism at its finest.

Work worth doing is work worth getting paid for.


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