Steve “if we came from apes, why do we still have apes” Wise, looking to make a buck off education

I didn’t think Steve Wise during his disastrous stint in the Florida Legislature was a charlatan somebody just trying kneecap education so one day he or his friends could profit off of it. No I thought he was a zealot, a sad fanatic driven by his ideological beliefs instead of facts or evidence. Boy was I wrong.

He is currently pedaling a teacher improvement program, to help deal with the epidemic of bad teachers populating our schools. It’s a good thing he was one of the first to let us know about all the bad teachers so he could start this program to fix the problem. Um, what?!? That’s right first he help create a problem and now he seeks to profit off solving that problem he created in the first place.

This is part of a letter that he sent to area superintendents:

“There is a recently patented program to address this problem and I am pleased to announce that the Foundation has arranged for a discount from the supplier of a series of over 120 subject specific instructional support materials each with subject-specific mentoring teacher access. Along with this there will be workshops via the internet during the summer on the proper use of the material.”

This man was a pox on public education during his time in the legislature and now he wants to make a buck off what he did, though friends, he is far from the only one.

To read more, check out this link:

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