State board of education votes to continue to starve public ed.

And they did so with a smile.

The BOE voted to increase public education spending by 1.1 percent, about fifty dollars a student.

Um the inflation rate is 1.8 percent, so basically they voted to fund public ed less than they did this year.

So much for those claims they were going to work on teacher salaries right?

From the Pensacola News Journal,

“Almost every single time, every single speech that I’ve been with him, he has hinted strongly — and it’s been in the press — that we need to do far, far more to elevate and celebrate the teaching profession. I’m hopeful, and I think it’s going to happen, that this legislative session will be a landmark teacher compensation package for our school teachers,” Corcoran said to applause.

Um if they aren’t going to add money to the per pupil allocation money that districts use to run the schools, then this tells me its going to another dumbass merit pay scheme, that rewards a few and screws over the majority, best and $#%ing brightest anyone?

Sorry, I am saucy but this is outrageous.

Well friends Tallahassee better do something because we have a huge shortage of teachers. The Orlando Sentinel reported recently we are down 3,500

When you factor in inflation we are over a thousand dollars below what we should be to meet what we spent in 2007.

The recession has been over for nearly a decade but Tallahassee has continued to starve public ed. Can there be any doubt that the destruction of public ed and the teaching profession is their goal?


Here is a statement of the FEA put out.

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