State Board member Andy Tuck clueless or completely clueless

And I am not talking about this citrus grower who
has no business being on the state board of education, advocating for
creationism while panning evolution either.
Bob Sykes of scathing purple musings sums it up perfectly:
from Andy Tuck at the lat Board of education meeting:

They (Common Core Standards) are “Florida standards that were developed by

If Tuck had any credibility as a serious guy before, he’s now lost
it. Pam Stewart’s “tweaks” amounted to a predetermined 15 percent change in
standards. The other 85 percent weren’t written by Floridians – and not
anywhere near Florida.  Tuck might as well have said night is day.

This is pure political spin coming out of Tuck’s mouth and a signal that
Florida’s education power brokers will be ramming Core home. With apologies to
Nancy Pelosi, it’s clear we will have to implement Core to find out what’s in

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