Spoiler alert, teacher-hating group says Duval has poor teachers

The overriding principle behind The New Teacher Project
(TNTP) is that if you cut enough bad teachers then teaching will improve, just
by chance I guess, they also provide a service that for a fee finds teachers
for school districts. They call this constant need for getting rid of teachers or churn,
the widget effect. The TNTP is the group that the School Board brought in to
gage Duval’s teacher quality. Spoiler alert they weren’t impressed. 
The first bullet point that stood out :  Duval’s most high-need schools are disproportionately
disadvantaged by ineffective recruitment, selection and staffing. T
he board and super like to overlook this is
the place where they send most of the Teach for America hobbyists to work at
too but we shouldn’t.
The second was: Duval has had
success in retaining effective teachers at a greater rate than ineffective
teachers, but still has a high percentage of low-performing teachers in its
schools. See right there, if only we could get rid of more ineffective
teachers. It’s no wonder since that was their starting point then it would be
their ending point too.
Finally there is what they didn’t mention and that is poverty.
The schools with our so called worst teachers all happen to be in areas of high
poverty but hey its got to be the teachers right? Sheesh!
This group should have never been brought in. I could have
told you what they were going to say and could have done it a lot cheaper too. 
But what gets me the most is Vitti. he says over and over we
need to involve and respect our teachers but then doubles down on TFA, brings
in the TNTP and promotes bullies into leadership positions. What he says and
what he does don’t match up.

Our teachers are not the problem but how we treat them
is one of the biggest Duval has.

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