Spoiler alert, Teach for America loving group says Teach for America is great.

I love cheesecake; I completed a study that said cheesecake
is both good for my figure and low in calorie. My conclusion, eat more
cheesecake. That’s essentially Miami Dades Teach for America study and it’s
probably just as reliable as my cheesecake study too.
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation funded both TFA
and the study conducted by the American Institute for Research. You know the
same group who was responsible for the disastrous VAM scores and who have
chosen to field-test our next round of standardized test questions in Utah. I
personally wouldn’t go to them to ask for anything more important than the time
of day and couple that with a TFA loving foundation bankrolling the study and I
am very skeptical.
I personally don’t understand how any district would
prefer to have Teach for America which produces both churn and prevents people
who may be professional teachers and make education a career from filling those
slots in any classroom. Furthermore I can’t imagine a parent picking a Teach
for America recruit without an education degree, who has five weeks of training
and who will only stay for two years over a professional teacher either. Putting
professional teachers in all our classrooms should be our goal. However since a
handful of really rich people like Teach for America I guess we will continue
to experiment with our children.

We should want to know how Teach for America is doing in
our schools but we should take this study with more than a few grains of salt,
more like a salt mines worth.   

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