South Carolina teachers strike while Florida’s union leaders sit on their hands after a devastating legislative session

This was the worse session for public education ever.

From arming teachers, to a new voucher program paid for with public money to barely moving the needle on the per pupil allotment among other numerous devastating bills, public education lost over and over again and what did our union leaders have us do? Dig our red t-shirts out of the closet and walk in to schools is what. Other cities and states have fought back and the latest is South Carolina and we better join them soon, or there won’t be anything worth left fighting for. 


Greenville County teacher Erica McCall was among about 10,000 teachers and supporters who wore red and carried signs Wednesday as they called for more pay and better working conditions. 

On long-term leave from Buena Vista Elementary School, McCall wore a sign on her back listing the reasons she was marching. They included “my children, “my students,” and “myself” as well as the names of dozens of teachers who told her they wanted to attend the rally but couldn’t. She said she had so many names that she couldn’t fit them all on the sign. 

The state Department of Public Safety estimated the crowd at 10,000 people. 

“This is the largest gathering of teachers in the history of South Carolina,” said Sen. Mike Fanning, a Democrat from Great Falls.  

Chanting “we teach, we vote,” those who assembled outside the Statehouse Wednesday called on state legislators to mandate higher pay, smaller classes and uninterrupted planning time, among other reforms.

Meanwhile in Florida we have done next to nothing as the republicans in Tallahassee have tried to drown public education in the bath tub. Well friends we better wake up soon because if Tallahassee has its way there won’t be anything left.

At some point our leaders inaction becomes complicity.

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