Sonita Young predicted Duval County would have few highly effective teachers

And that’s because she was part of the
team that set up the system to be that way.
From an October 2012 Times Union article: Sonita
Young, the district’s chief human resources officer said , It’s likely, that
very few teachers will fall into the “highly effective” category under the new
system. Most of Duval’s teachers are going to fall under “effective” or “needs
improvement” because there isn’t a correlation between the existing definition
of “highly effective” and the new one.
This makes it seems like she is okay with
that and her prediction has come true as Duval has one of the lowest percentages
of highly effective teachers in the state. 
What were the reasons we selected a system
meant to undervalue teachers? Well I believe it is because the district both
does not appreciate teachers and wants to save money. Regardless if you agree or
not Young’s 2012 prediction has come true.

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  1. It's all "who you know." The boyfriend of the principal of Mandarin Middle was rated a perfect 100 on the administration part of the evaluation.

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