Is Sonita Young, Duval’s director of staffing playing a shell game with teacher’s salaries?

The state has mandated that a performance-based salary plan be in place for the 2013-14 school year. Half will be based on a teacher’s evaluation.

Well in a recent Times Union article, Sonita Young, the district’s chief human resources officer said , It’s likely, that very few teachers will fall into the “highly effective” category under the new system. Most of Duval’s teachers are going to fall under “effective” or “needs improvement” because there isn’t a correlation between the existing definition of “highly effective” and the new one.

Her responce makes it seems like she is okay with that. I wonder if she gets a bonus for keeping teacher’s salaries down, not that she needs it as she makes well over a hundred thousand dollars.

Well friends how are teachers supposed to get merit pay then? Or was them not getting it the plan all along?


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