Some Florida legislators push back against education reforms

First after one charter school scandal after another Sen. Jeff
Clemens, D-Lake Worth, filed senate bill 452 last week which would require
charter schools to meet a specific instructional need that local district
schools can’t in order to obtain approval. Even charter school advocates should
like this bill because how many scandals can their industry take before the
entire public turns against them.
Then Senator Dwight Bullard introduced a bill pushing back
performance pay at least to the 15-16 school year, which
would give lawmakers and other
officials an opportunity to review and improve the system.
the Florida Superintendent association asked for more time to properly
implement common core, Volusia County Schools
Superintendent Margaret Smith
the board at a meeting in Gainesville and said the Florida Association of
District School Superintendents
concerned schools aren’t ready to implement new standards.
“We as superintendents see the need for an
adjustment to the timeline as one that could not have been anticipated when the
initial plans were made,” Smith said. She told the board that the association
will propose a three-year plan to implement new standards for English, literacy
and mathematics.

That’s push back against charters, blame the teacher evaluations
and common core, three of the corporate reformers crown jewels. 

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