Slammed by ReDefined Ed

I was slammed by the pro-privitization blog in an op-ed in the Pensecola News Journal. The link is their piece and below that is my repsonce.

The problem with school choice isn’t that choice is bad;
it’s the choices that Ron Mattus of Step up for Students and the pro-choice
crowd want us to have.
At the beginning of the legislative session, voucher
proponents were basically offered the key to the treasury if
they would have just accepted some legitimate accountability measures
but instead of taking hundreds of millions more to help the students they
claim are desperate for vouchers, voucher proponents fought tooth and nail
against them.

I believe they fought against it because they
knew if they had to have stringent accountability measures, vouchers would have
collapsed like a house of cards and to be honest why would we expect any less.
Teachers at private schools don’t have to be certified let alone have degrees
and their curriculums don’t have to be recognized.

You should be asking yourself why is
only for public schools, not for private schools that take public money? Mattus
says, oh but they take a test. Well if he is so confident, if it is basically
the same thing, then why doesn’t he insist they take the same test? This seems
like a small price to pay to help so many more students.
Then I had an actual conversation with David Figilo,
charged with analyzing the voucher program and he said, Chris there are some great
schools that take vouchers, mostly religious schools, but there are some really
lousy ones too.
Even if we ignore the blurring of the line between church
and state that must draw a shoulder shrug from Mattus, who just wants to expand
the program, saying parents and the free market will sort it out. 
I could have went line by line and debunked Mattus’s
assertions but I think the bottom line is he and his group would have you
believe choice just for choices sake is the right choice. I however, with resources
being so scarce and the outcome so important would prefer we did things the
right way and made sure every choice was a high quality choice and I guess that
is where the distinction between us lies.
Chris Guerrieri

School Teacher 

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