Since Scott Shine has quit doing his job, he should resign immediately

Scott Shine is in the process of proving everything I said about him right and where it should make me happy it infuriates me. 

While watching Diana Greene’s interview I noticed Shine was absent, so I emailed somebody I know is closely involved with the selection process to see if any board members had missed Dunsmore’s interview from the day before and they wrote back:

Scott Shine has said he will not attend any of the three school board interviews but will attend the 4 p.m. meeting tomorrow to indicate his preference for a superintendent. He missed Mr. Dunsmore’s and Ms. Greene’s interviews today and yesterday.

Um, what the %$@#?!?

So he just quit, he is refusing to do his job, but here is the thing, I bet he isn’t refusing to get paid.

I get it he’s frustrated with the process but do you know who else is frustrated with the process? teachers everywhere that s who.   

Teachers are tired of being under paid and not given the resources they need to do their jobs. They are tired of huge classes and of having to spend their own money. They are tired of teaching to the test and of having $#@&  excuse me leaders like Shine who think they can just quit when they don’t get their way.  

Teacher’s don’t quit, they roll up their sleeves and make the best of a bad situation and they do so because unlike Shine the care.

I say since Shine no longer cares he should do us all a favor and resign so we can put his sorry tenure behind us.

Now ask me how I really feel. 

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  1. Shine has shred any credibility he had to serve as a public official in any capacity. I don't know what he intends to try next, but surely no one would vote for someone who refuses to handle his responsibilities.

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