Silly superintendent, why insist on being evaluated like teachers.

Superintendent Vitti’s evaluation came out today and surprise, surprise he doesn’t walk on water. I will have more on it later but I want to mention one part really that really struck me.

From the Times Union: Becki Couch said
school grades and proficiency in schools are very important, and she reminded
Vitti that it was his idea to be judged 50 percent by school grades rather than
the 30 percent of the grade she suggested.

Vitti joked that he
was being courageous, calling it a “rookie mistake.” He said this is how
teachers are evaluated now, with student tests scores having a major impact on
their annual evaluations.
“If our teachers can
endure that, so can the superintendent,” he said. “It defines the challenge of
where we are with education reform.”
Now he did recover a little at the end but sheesh is what teachers have to endur, his words, really a joking matter. Furthermore if he knows how bad it is why is he gong along with it. Why isn’t he saying, we’re not going to do it that way here in Jacksonville. We’re going to develop an evaluation system which s fair and makes sense, or you know the opposite of what is happening now. Isn’t that what a real leader would do instead of making a joke out of the system?
Superintendent Vitti has the liberty to joke about what a rookie mistake he made agreeing to be evaluated based on student test scores but what about a rookie teacher who may soon be out of a job because of student test scores. They are not laughing. 

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  1. Can you believe he got high marks for school safety? Obviously the school board members never visit schools and they don't take the opinions of teachers, students or parents seriously. They buy into the "suspensions are down" stats and think things are better.

  2. We have gone from hardly any fights to serious ones, often with multiple students involved at at once, daily. And I attribute that entirely to the utter lack of meaningful consequences for fighting. Good job on the whole school safety thing, Dr. Vitti [/verbal irony].

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