Shad Kahn is the Rick Scott of NFL owners

Shad Kahn recently gave Rick Scott’s
reelection bid 250 thousand dollars. 
I wondered why he would do that, oh I know because he hopes to get it
back and more down the road. 

From the Jacksonville Business journal: The contribution was posted on the committee’s website
Sept. 30, three weeks after Scott hosted Khan at the Governor’s Mansion for a
Sunday night meeting about unspecified economic-development opportunities.
Khan has expressed interest in
developing the Shipyards near EverBank Field along the St. Johns River.
Rich people helping other rich people get richer however is not news
but I started thinking about their other similarities.
Rick Scott has had three education commissioners in three years which
is the same amount of coaches that Shad Kahn has had in three years.
Florida’s education is in disarray as the accountability system which
was never good anyway has collapsed after constant meddling, sort of like the
Jags offence and defense which have not been good for years but are now playing
at historically poor levels.

Finally they are both rich guys who came in with big promises they haven’t delivered.

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