Several School Board members call out Scott Shine

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Couch suggested that it was disrespectful for Shine to have publicized the private conversation between Vitti and Smith Juarez and to publicize his suspicions that Smith Juarez was planning a vote to fire Vitti without first asking Smith Juarez about it.

“When I hear that the school district is in jeopardy, I will contact the media,” Shine said.

Several Board members said they couldn’t respond to Shine’s statements because of the laws. Smith Juarez said felt limited and could only say that if she had intended a vote on Vitti, she would have spelled it out on the agenda before Friday’s meeting.

Couch noted what she thought was some sexism in Shine’s statements and other people’s comments that characterized Smith Juarez and some of the other women on the board as making “emotional” decisions about Vitti. Couch said she considered Shine’s actions and statements to the media as emotional and reactionary.

Becki Couch accused Shine of having an “emotionally charged, knee-jerk reaction” to news of the meeting, adding, “Unlike my colleague and the superintendent I have not gone to the media with my concerns.

Hmm, sexist and disrespectful, it’s almost like the board has been reading my blog.

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  1. Like Smith-Juerez Couch will be on a slowly sinking island. I have a prediction, since Bibliophile made the last one that came true. Smith-Juerez (like Hall) will resign her position. She will say it is for family matters or because she needs to focus on something else, but she will be gone after June 30. The bullies will come after her and she will cave. Anyone who dares to speak out against this regime will lose. It is something they laugh about and plan behind closed doors. Since we are quoting movies today it reminds me of the movie Shooter when the senator was sitting at his house laughing with his cronies.

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