Several properties near Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary school are up for sale for more than a 1000 dollars or the public gets the business again.

In case you missed it the school board is set to sell the Mary McLeod Bethune elementary school to a newly formed outfit for a thousand bucks. If you are looking for property in the area you could get a lovely one bed room one bath three blocks away for 3,500 though if you are looking for something bigger there are two three bedroom two baths in the neighborhood for 20 and 25 thousand dollars respectively.

What’s my point? Something seems off here, just like something seemed off when the school board sold the old John Gore School in historic riverside to the Weavers for 459,000 dollars at the height of the real estate bubble. To give you some scale a friend of mine bought a lot at the same time for 390,000 dollars just two blocks away. Now my friends got a large, old, nice house, the Weavers for a little bit more got several historic buildings and several acres of land.

There is a double standard going on in Jacksonville and it pays to be a friend of the school board.

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