Senator Rob Portman’s flip-flop on same sex marriage offends me

He was against gay marriage before he was for it.

The reason I am offended is not because I am against gay
marriage. I believe two consenting adults should be allowed to do what they
want to do and a same sex couple should have the same rights as opposite sex
ones. What offends me is the reason he has changed his mind and the only reason
he did so is because his son revealed to him he was gay.
Why did it take the issue personally affecting Portman for
him to realize the error of his ways?
Do you know why we have poverty? It’s because the rich make
the laws. Why did it take the Violence against Women act so long to be
reauthorized? It’s because mostly men were making the decision to hold it up.
Why did 35 republican senators vote against the United Nations treaty on people
with disabilities? I bet its because they have insulated themselves from people
with disabilities, they haven’t walked a mile in their shoes and have no desire
to do so.
Is it going to take a massacre at the capital day care for
them to realize we don’t need assault weapons and high capacity clips? Put them
on food stamps for a year or make them live with just Medicaid and lets see if
the plans don’t improve. Have them live as seniors are forced to and I bet the
gutting of social security and Medicare would instantly become non-starters.
And ho do I tie this into education? Poor kids get tested
while rich kids get taught. Check out the link:
Every child regardless of zip code and parents income should be allowed to attend a school full of resources where learning not testing is the goal. 

Mr. Portman here is a golf clap for your long overdue
change of heart. Color me unimpressed.   

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  1. I have to agree that I am disappointed by this turn of events. I am concerned not because Senator Portman had a change of heart, but because he needed to have the issue hit home long after he condemned other families for their stance.

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