Senator Manny Diaz thinks he’s a lion and we are all sheep

In Florida you have to be caught with a dead girl or a live boy for there to be an ethical violation. If not, then how do you explain all the legislators in Tallahassee who craft legislation that benefit them, their family members or their big political donors? Perhaps the worst of the worst is Senator Manny Diaz of Miami.

Diaz makes six figures working for Doral College a small private college that also runs a charter school, that siphons its students to the college, when he is not in Tallahassee. While in Tallahassee he passes legislation that benefits him and his employer, yet no one blinks an eye because numerous other legislators do the same thing too.

Furthermore, Manny Diaz could give a flying %$#& what you think as evident by this tweet.

The sheep in this analogy would be the 200,000 public school teachers, 2.6 million public school students and their millions of family members, or you know, the ones he constantly tries to harm while he benefits himself.

A few years back Senator Thrasher of St. Johns county who as bad as he was is nothing compared to Diaz said the golden rule is, he who has the gold makes the rules, so this attitude from the republicans who have been completely in charge of public ed for over two decades.

Welcome to Florida where we aren’t being led and instead are being ruled.   

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