Senate president Don Gaetz says Florida’s school accountability system is in danger of collapse. He is right for the wrong reasons.

By the way, various
teacher’s unions and education experts have been saying for quite some time
that Florida’s school accountability system is a looming disaster. Senate
President Geatz thinks it is in danger of collapse because to many teachers are
rated as effective of better.

Complaining about our
school accountability system, Mr. Gaetz said in the Florida Current, “If you have a C school, 90 percent of
the teachers in a C school can’t be highly effective. That doesn’t make sense.”
Well if it doesn’t make sense to Gaetz then how can it make sense to
anyone? (sic)
Here is the thing that Gaetz and other teacher haters don’t get, the
best teacher in the world can’t control if their students have enough to eat,
if their parents are involved or not, if they are to worried about where their
next meal is coming from or violence in their neighborhoods to focus on school,
if the policy makers have decided to eliminate those classes like art and music
that make schools enjoyable to kids or if every kid is shoved into a one size
fits all curriculum regardless of desire or ability or not. There are so many
factors that teachers can’t control it’s not hard to believe that there are
lots of great teachers at schools even where their kids do poorly on
standardized tests.
What, Gaetz, and Rhee, and Gates and so many others don’t get is
teaching is a form of art that cannot be quantified by some mathematical
formula or replicated on a standardized test.

is right, the school accountability system here in Florida is all jacked up but
he got it right for the wrong reason.

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