Seaside Charter School spreads lies to shill for money and students.

Ugh, this school seems like a real disaster.

So Seaside put this out there.

I may be a little behind the times but I believe all schools have art and music and P.E.  Furthermore recess is now mandated, think about that, things got so teach to the test that we had to make recess mandatory.

Look I wish half the day was fun classes for kids, but to lie and say they don’t exist, that’s unacceptable. I mean so much for the golden rule right.

How can we have a conversation about what’s best for kids when one side can just tell blatant lies.

Jessica Morgan is Seasides director of special events by the way, less you think this was put out there by a random parent.

8 Replies to “Seaside Charter School spreads lies to shill for money and students.”

  1. We left that school because all they do is beg for money. It's always something and they always have a reason why they need more. Someone should really look into their finances.

  2. What is truly sad is when you take a deeper look at Seaside's demographics compared to all the traditional public schools around them (per FLDOE school grade reports)…schools that all have A or B grades, great staffs, great programs and truly reflect the diversity of the Mayport community.

    1. 100% this! Compare the demographics between Mayport Elementary and Seaside. They sit across the street from year other and it's like night and day when it comes to income. They really aren't in Mayport to offer those low income kids a better "choice", they're there for cheap land to build their rich kid school.

  3. She's the director of special events and COMMUNICATIONS so she probably drafted exactly this message to lie to parents about what dcps funds. Don't be fooled thinking she just blindly copied and pasted this, this is exactly what seaside wants parents to think so they pony up the money. But since they only have a fraction of families in the low income bracket it should be ok, right?

  4. @bibliophile is correct except it should say "they lure rich families from A schools". Would love to know what they're paying Ms. Morgan to spread these lies.

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