Scott Wilson just cannot get enough questions answered. (draft)

This was something he posted on Facebook this morning.

I can’t understand why the Florida Times Union refuses to share both sides of this story. How can anyone ask the city council to place a plan on the ballot, require we vote yes and deny us the right to ask questions? In all my years in government I have never seen anything like this.
I attended their school board meeting on July 17th and we agreed on a plan. I also attended a follow meeting in case they had additional questions for me. The plan began with council members submitting their questions in writing, followed by school board written responses. Now we have a joint meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 14, 2019. At this joint meeting we will discuss in detail the responses which were bundled together and extremely complex. My questions relate to how the schools in my district will be changed and I don’t see those answers in the document returned to me.
I have always had a great working relationship with many of the school board members, but my patience is wearing thin. Every time I open the Florida Times Union I see quotes likes “they are moving the goal posts” or “we’ve answered questions and they ask more questions”. I ask what questions have been answered with no response; if the questions were answered they should be able to easily copy and paste. I have also seen statements such as “the questions are absurd or ridiculous”. They should be easy to answer then. While the Florida Times Union complains about the number of questions why don’t they share with their readers good thoughtful questions posed by your elected city council.
The city council did not ask for this issue but I also realize our schools need additional funding for infrastructure improvements. We have plenty of other issues facing this city. I am ready to move on. If the school board wants my support then answer a few simple questions.
For those who choose to call us names or speak toward us in a negative manner god bless you!

That’s a lot to take in there.

You may not have noticed it but there has been a concentrated strategy to go after the TU in recent weeks by the mayor, members of the city council and others. now I get it as a frequent critic I may be the last person who should mention this but what I have a problem with is not the news reporting well not always anyways, but with their opinion/editorial section, which if I am being honest put out a hell of an editorial on the matter Friday.

Then he complains that the council has been denied the right to ask questions?!? Um the school board has answered all their questions time and time again, including a massive list sent to them two weeks ago.

He then says the questions have not been answered um, what?!?

It’s insulting that he would make that claim, Scott “ahh shucks” Wilson knows better but he must think enough of his constituents will just believe anything he says.

Then he says the council and board agreed upon a plan, yeah I am sure the board did but they had a metaphorical gun pointed at their head. This was also before the city learned the original memorandum was just some incompetent or corrupt junior attorneys opinion, and two of mayor Lenny Curry’s top lieutenants attempt to extort nearly a half million from the school board, one of which, Sam Mousa was rewarded with a six figure no bid four year contract for doing so, was revealed.

Then he complains the matter was dropped in their lap, he doesn’t mention it was done so by a patently ridiculous memorandum that didn’t have the force of law, and he doesn’t mention that he and the city council could have passed and just done as the law requires them to do so.

City Council president Scott Wilson made a terrible bed based on lies and greed and now he is complaining he has to lay in it. We really deserve better.

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