Scott Wilson is still waiting for the answers to those question

Despite meeting after meeting, and the release of the answers to his and the council’s questions, Wilson is still claiming his questions have gone unanswered.

This tweet isn’t from July or August it is from yesterday.

Is that first rate trolling on his part? Or maybe he just doesn’t understand the answers he got, because we all know he doesn’t understand how school districts work. Smith-Juarez met several times in her district which composes Wilson’t but since she didn’t meet at places he apparently wanted her to, that wasn’t good enough.

I have some questions for Wilson.

Does he know parents, the district and the teacher union’s are suing the city because of him?

Does he know that in addition to fixing the district’s infrastructure, the referendum would undoubtedly create jobs, give the city a stimulus, attract businesses, and slow and stop flight to the suburbs or you know, those things that most city councils fight for.

Then how does he sleep at night knowing he is fighting against the city’s schools and children, oh wait I know, he sleeps on pillows stuffed with civic council cash. 

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